Smart robotic data management solution minimizing risks and penalties of enterprise data loss

Data breach penalties

What makes us special


Insider threat and human error accounts for near 75% of attacks Back to home page

A robotic containerized AI secured service designed to take data security to a new level with it’s patent pending ‘human touch-free private data storage and retrieval technology' saves businesses from worrying how to manage securely private and sensitive data. Back to home page

  • Our team has decades of experience implementing cutting edge IT and AI technologies
  • Our patent pending platforms allow rapid touchfree app implementations
  • Our architecture integrates Cloud APIs, Containers, AI learning models, Blockchain technologies, RPA etc.
  • Our containerized deployment model allows customers to be always in-charge of management and security of the app Back to home page

Data breach penalties

  • GDPR - European data protection regulation. Fines up to 10 Million Euros or 2% of annual turnover.

  • California Consumer Privacy Act (from Jan 1, 2020) $100 to $750 fine for each California resident affected by a data breach. Affects all companies over $25 Million annual revenues or posses personal information of 50K or more consumers/devices or over half of revenue from selling consumer personal information. Companies are required to implement new personal information acquisition processes allowing right for consumers to say no, activist groups can exercise opt-out rights Back to home page

  • We are looking to engage with customers - businesses that are looking to manage the storage and processing of private and sensitive data that may be subject to stringent penalties if breached. Customers looking to install automated and touchfree encryption and secured APIs for data storage and access.